Plenary and keynote speakers

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Plenary speakers

Professor Nikolaus Rajewsky, Scientific Director, Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology in Max-Delbrück-Centre for Molecular Medicine, Germany, rajewsky@mdc-berlin.de

Dr. Edward Perello, CBO & Director, Desktop Genetics Ltd, Oxford, UK, ejlperello@gmail.com

Keynote speakers

For UKRAINE: Professor Ivan Gout 'Protein CoAlation and antioxidant function of Coenzyme A', University College, London, UK, i.gout@ucl.ac.uk
For POLAND: Professor Przemysław Juszczynski 'The title to be confirmed', Institute of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine, Warszawa, Poland, pjuszczynski@ihit.waw.pl
For ISRAEL: Professor Amnon Horovitz 'Chaperonin nano-machines: allostery and function”, The Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel, Amnon.Horovitz@weizmann.ac.il
Keynote speaker from iGEM Dr. Meagan Lizarazo 'Young International genetically engineered Machine Competition', Harvard, USA, meagan@igem.org


Sessions Titles (Preliminary)

- Protein interaction networks under normal and pathological conditions
- Molecular and Cell technologies or Stem cell Technologies
- Molecular biology and biochemistry for gene diagnostics and therapy
- Bioinformatics and biotechnology in the innovative drugs design
- Biochemistry in Pathology: Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular and Neurodegenerative Diseases etc.
- Intracellular signalling
- Molecular biology of bacteria and bacteriophages
- Metabolic engineering in construction of the advanced biotechnological producers



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